A website is much more than web presence. It is a representative of your entire business to the online community. That’s why the design matters. Design could either attract or drive away customers from your website. That is why it is essential to avoid the most common design mistakes. Make sure that your website is responsive with minimalistic design, has a user friendly design and has appropriate content. Well, even if all this is taken care of, here are some of the most common mistakes that businesses should avoid while designing a website.

Terrible call to action

One of the…

Over the past decade or two, there has been a rapid shift from a traditional world to a digital world. Some firmly remain loyal to print marketing, others have already made a shift to digital and are loving it. Print marketing is tried and tested and people know what to expect and trust. In contrast, digital is fast, accurate, and cost effective. It is however less personal and less memorable. You do not want your campaign to get lost in the ephemeral digital clutter of today’s online world. …

Choosing an offshore development partner can be quite a task. Offshore mobile development is evolving rapidly and it is essential that you understand how to engage with partners to achieve their business goals. There are a number of ways in which you can do this.

There are three categories of software development outsourcing models.

Offshore development by level

This type of model decides how much control on the amount of work performed by the company. The level of coordination defines access to the resource base and the involvement in the project is defined. …

It’s no secret that multimedia content is crucial for a successful blog. As best practices continue to change, it’s essential that you tailor your content strategy as per prevailing trends. Integration of imagery and audiovisual content in your blog posts enables you to capture the attention of your readers more effectively.

Here’s how you can create relevant and engaging multimedia content for your blog:

  • Multimedia content that answers customer questions

Video content viewership is gaining a lot of traction — especially on mobile phones. It is estimated that over 35% of viewers are accessing more videos via smartphones than last…

Infographics are one of the best ways to explain a complicated topic and make it more informative. People following directions with illustrations are 323 percent better at following them than those without illustrations. That’s why infographics are liked and shared more on social media 3 times more than any other type of content. The fact is that the concept of relaying content visually is not new. Especially in digital marketing, infographics have become so ingrained in content marketing. Like any piece of content on the internet, you want infographics to be SEO friendly too. …

Website security is crucial, but often an overlooked matter. As long as everything runs smoothly, businesses do not realize the risks. It’s when things start going wrong that we notice the essence of tightening the security of our website. Here are a few points that you can begin with:

  • Make passwords secure and update them regularly

It is known that around 80% of hacking related breaches are a result of how passwords are configured and used. To boost website security, create stronger passwords and unique login credentials. Update the passwords regularly — for example, every month or every quarter.

  • Install…

COVID-19 has presented a unique challenge for businesses. The lockdown that followed made some businesses rethink their strategies. The business impact of COVID-19 has been more profound on the global IT services industry. Companies have been scrambling to protect their employees and customers. Many businesses have turned to outsourced software development to sustain business continuity.

How will outsourcing software development prove to be a game-changer during and after COVID-19?

Studies show that 45% of the companies will outsource more than insource over the next 18 months. Geographic dispersion is also is recognized as one of the most effective risk management…

One way to develop apps quickly is to use cross-platform development. Let’s compare flutter and React Native to identify which framework is best for your business app idea.

  • Flutter

Flutter is a portable UI toolkit created by Google. It’s a comprehensive app Software Development Kit (SDK), complete with widgets and tools. So, what’s Flutter used for? It enables cross-platform app development. It also gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, natively-compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, and desktop — all using a single codebase. Flutter delivers the same experiences on the web as on mobile…

Across industries, digital transformation has brought about a lot of opportunities. From retail, to life sciences to pharmaceuticals and banking — all sectors are adopting a digital strategy for the future. It has become a necessity to deliver excellent customer experiences, maintain relevance in the future and drive conversations. Businesses need to become digital enterprises and rethink every aspect of their business.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the up-gradation of existing processes and introduces technology to automate tasks and refine processes to enhance customer experiences that leads to higher conversion rates for the business. …

In today’s age, digital transformation is imperative for businesses that seek growth. This applies especially to the local businesses that are now serving customers who are already on advanced gadgets and apps. For instance, customers today are searching products to be delivered on mobiles, competitors are analysing data using analytic software and businesses are constantly improving their operations and marketing with technology. Businesses who aren’t aware or are not thinking about technology solutions for their operations or marketing, are clearly losing out on the advantages.

Here’s how IT can be advantageous for the local market:

  • Make better decisions: Investing in…

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